Monday, December 29, 2008

So it has been over a month since i posted anything to my blog. oddly i haven't heard any complaints. Anyway, i have been running for a month. 
First to Miami for Art Basel, personally i thought it was great, it was serious and all of the hype and gimmicks were gone. it was all about the art, and there was plenty of beautiful stuff. It was so real and approachable for me. it finally gave me the sense that the beast could be beaten. Maybe the dealers will turn into people again. great year, great art, i wish i had stayed an extra day.
Second, New Orleans and Prospect 1. LOVED IT!!! i have worked in museums and galleries for years. i know what it takes to put up a show. this was so impressive on so many levels. but the number of venues and the quality of the work. everything, right down to the signage design. hats off to you New Orleans, for a city that has been through so much, you have given so much back. We, of course, were there as a surprise to me. Saskia took me for my 40th Birthday, our best friends Deane and Adrienne came along. i had the best time. we ate at some of the best places. i don't care who you are, you gotta go. i will never forget it. the whole thing was incredible. New Orleans, Deane takes his hat off to you.
So now i am in Atlanta, back from Christmas in Indiana and St. Louis, getting some writing done. (i am working on an article for Art Lies magazine) the new frame shop is ready and open. We are working like crazy, seems like around the clock. 2009 is days away, after the holidays clear we will be on to bigger and hopefully better things in the screwed up economy. 
stay tuned, i will be posting details on the grand opening of Get This! Gallery's new space, with one of my other great friends Drew Conrad as the opening act. not only will it be a show, it will be a party. no joke. 

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