Monday, October 25, 2010

I feel pretty bad having this blog and not having a chance to keep up with it. There is so much going on right now but I am really going to try to make a better effort to write, at least to keep people plugged into all of the crazy things that are going on. So quickly i will tell you a little bit about what has been happening.

First and for most, I'm going to be a dad. So that will be very cool. I've never done this before, but everyone tells me it is great. I'm sure it will be.

Late in the summer I was nominated for a Joan Mitchell Foundation grant. The application is in and I am waiting for the results. Fingers crossed.

The next crazy thing that happened is that the magazines are totally pushing my work right now. As you can see, Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles put me on the cover with my installation at Spa Sentio. It turned out beautifully and I am told this is the first time the magazine has focused on a piece of art for the cover.

944 Magazine (Atlanta) has also written an article on my work for their most recent issue. It is a great piece by a fellow midwesterner. Fahamu has also contributed to the magazine which has a feature article on Kehinde Wiley.

I've also done an interview for Points North Magazine that focuses on the Hudgens Prize. I think it will be out any day now. I haven't seen a copy of it yet. The final magazine spot is the November issue of InStyle. No photo credits but it is from an interior Susan Kassler did a few years ago with a fantastic pink nail polish drawing. oddly enough the article is about framing.

So back the the Hudgens Prize mention. I am one of the 5 finalists for Atlanta's first Hudgens Prize. It is the largest prize for a single artist in the Georgia. I am please to be exhibiting with Hope Hilton, Gyun Hur, Jiha Moon and Ruth Dusseault. The exhibition will feature not only some new works, but some new mediums that I have never tried before. I'm adding stone carving to the equation. That exhibition opens on November 30th, when the announce the winner. Seriously people, cross you fingers, do something, i mentioned the kid right.

Today I was asked to take part in FAU's 2011 version of southXeast: Contemporary Southeastern Art exhibition. Opening in Late January, I am hoping they except my installation proposal.

I'll try to post the results of everything as they come up. Watch my FB page to find out dates on exhibitions.

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