Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just got back for another trip to NYC. We only hit one opening on this trip. Dropped by Deitch to see Ridley Howard participating in a  group show. as to be expected, 2 beautiful paintings. sorry, my photo couldn't do them justice.

We were in town with friends from Atlanta who are preparing to build a modern/contemporary house. the whole reason for the trip was the Home Delivery show at MOMA. i have to say, it was worth the trip. very inspirational for someone as interested in residential architecture and building materials as i am. Of the 5 prototypes that were commissioned. this was my favorite, it was fantastic. it really was everything you need and nothing you don't. the only real problem i had with it was that it was so beautiful that i would feel bad putting a hook in the wall to hang my Ridley Howard.

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