Thursday, October 16, 2008

  Sunday I returned home from my new exhibition, "Building Futures" that opened last Thursday night at Indiana State University. i would like to thank everyone there for a wonderful week of beautiful weather and great conversations.
This show is a continuation of the architectural series that i have focused on for the last few years. the major departure is the inclusion of "raw" building materials juxtaposed with the actual elevation paintings from the Case Study series. Playing with content and construction materials along side role reversal, The works talk to each other and don't need to struggle for individual identities. giving each piece room to not only speak for itself, while complimenting it's neighbor in the main gallery.

The show is broken into three spaces. The media room was turned into a reading room. Adding my concrete and pine block shelving unit as well as the Audio Buffet, i put books in the room. maybe a little too literal, actually putting books about architecture and favorite artists on the shelves. the humor comes in when you realize the drawings on the wall are all on book pages. Including my earlier series of Ellsworth Kelly Re- drawings, that i haven't shown since Franklin Sirmans included them in the Atlanta Biennial in 2002.
The final installment of the show was a complete architectural dissection of a home i found in Terre Haute, Indiana. Just down the street from the University i discovered a very modern home that spoke to me from several blocks away. A beautiful bright red ranch with a roof line that reads like the current housing market's finance charts. i wanted to do a local home so the students could walk completely through the process with me. From the conceptual graph paper drawings and color studies, to the photo collages and final constructed painting. the series of 5 drawings and 1 large painting just over 9 feet long sit alone in a small 16x 16 ft. gallery space that is included in the main gallery yet separated by it's geometry. The space creates a focus on my process and continues to inform the rest of the show.
The show runs through November 7th, if your in the area.

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